For Sale

The Jackson County Land Bank has the properties listed below for sale. Go to the Jackson County Auditor's website at for further information on the properties.  Interested buyers will need to complete a Property Purchase Application form which can be found on the "Forms" page.   


Applications to purchase properties are due the Friday before the next scheduled Land Bank board meeting date listed on the "Home" page.  

739 S. New Hampshire Avenue

739 S. New Hampshire Avenue, Wellston, Ohio

The minimum bid price is $5,000.

SW Corner of State Street & Maple Avenue.jpg

Two lots at the southwest corner of the intersection of State Street & Maple Avenue, Jackson, Ohio. The parcel

ID #'s are H140150000800 and H140150000900. The two lots have a combined .5372 acre. The minimum bid price is $10,000. 

              705 S. Wisconsin Avenue, Wellston, Ohio

                   The minimum bid price is $6,490. 

Putnam Street Parcel ID H140050000700.JPG

    Putnam Street, Jackson, Ohio, Parcel ID # H140050000700

The minimum bid price for this 50' x 120' lot is $5,000. The lot is in the 100-year flood plain and in a wetland and may not be suitable for development.